The following images were taken before and after orthodontic treatment, showing the type of changes that can usually be achieved by a specialist orthodontist.  For the highest standard of orthodontic care, ask your dentist for a referral to a specialist orthodontist.

If necessary you can contact any specialist orthodontic office directly, without a referral, but it is essential that you have a dental checkup with your dentist before any active orthodontic treatment is started.  Your orthodontist works closely with your dentist, and relies on your dentist to ensure that your teeth are healthy before treatment, and that they remain healthy during and after treatment.

Please note that as orthodontic treatment is a biomechanical procedure, perfection is not achievable.   If patient expectations are reasonable, these expectations will very often be exceeded.

Simply move your mouse over the images to display the before/after views.

Before Treatment After Treatment

The Before and After dental photos of a boy after 17 months of treatment starting at age 15, showing the orthodontic treatment changes that take place with specialist orthodontic treatment when there is crowding and a deep bite.