There is no age barrier to having orthodontic treatment to improve aspects of one’s smile.  Many adults are now choosing to have orthodontic treatment to not only improve the appearance of their smiles but also to allow easier maintenance of the long term health of their teeth and gums.

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Adults usually choose to have orthodontic treatment for at least one, if not most, of the following excellent health and /or aesthetic reasons:

  • To improve the aesthetics of their smile.
  • To improve the appearance of their profile.
  • To allow easier maintenance of the health of the teeth and gums.
  • To reduce the risk of unusual tooth wear of teeth which are out of position.
  • To prepare teeth for other dental treatment (e.g. implant placement, crown preparation).
  • To reduce the probability of jaw joint issues.

Most adult patients prefer the less noticeable types of appliances that are more likely to blend in.  The orthodontic appliances that we use at Dianella Noranda Orthodontics have been carefully selected for not only their treatment efficacy but also for their aesthetic appeal.  Dianella Noranda Orthodontics offers all patients not only the normal metal braces in a small size but also the aesthetic clear braces.  For many patients the so-called “invisible braces” (Invisalign®) are an even more aesthetic alternative.  There is also the ultimate in treatment aesthetics, the so-called “hidden braces” or lingual braces (Incognito®) which are braces that are placed on the back of the upper and lower teeth.

Once growth is over the tooth movement is slower and if the jaws are out of position, they generally cannot be modified easily without combining orthodontic treatment with surgery.  Fortunately, for any adults that would benefit from jaw modification but do not wish to consider jaw surgery, there are other treatment options open to them designed to mask the less than ideal jaw positions.  These “camouflage” treatment options are by their nature limited in the amount of change that can be brought about compared to jaw surgery.

Please call our office to arrange an informative First Visit  where we can discuss your concerns and your potential treatment options.