There are various types of orthodontic appliances that are used to fix bad bites.  These can be loosely divided into plates and braces.


There are many types of fixed and removable orthodontic plates.  Plates might be used for short basic courses of treatment, for longer more complex types of treatment or they are used with braces to achieve a result that cannot be achieved by braces alone.


There are also various types of braces that can be used depending upon your type of bite and how hidden you would like the orthodontic appliances to be.

There are the standard “silver” orthodontic braces that are very small high tech metal braces that are fitted to the front of the teeth.  There are also the even less noticeable clear braces that achieve the same result as the metal braces but are even more aesthetic.

The least noticeable braces are the “hidden” lingual braces that we fit to the back of your teeth.

See Invisalign® aligners under “Plates”,  for the high tech appliances that straighten teeth without braces, are also very aesthetic, but can produce similar results to braces in many types of bites.


These are removable or fixed appliances that are designed to guide teeth after many types of treatment are finished.