OPG and Lat Ceph XraysVarious orthodontic records are needed for us to accurately diagnose the position and size of your jaws and teeth. The records we need are usually x-rays, study models and photos.

X-rays are taken of your teeth and jaws to accurately assess the hidden position, size and number of your teeth and the hidden position, size and relationship of your jaws.  Unfortunately, orthodontic treatment cannot be performed safely without x-ray assessment.

Although dental and orthodontic x-rays expose patients to very small amounts of radiation (similar to a few days normal background radiation that we are all exposed to every day), we try to reduce this even further by arranging digital x-rays when feasible.

Orthodontic moulds (impressions from which a plaster study model of your teeth is cast) are made of your upper and lower teeth to help us assess the position and size of your teeth and jaws more accurately than can be assessed in the mouth. These are usually made before and after treatment.

Photographs are also taken of your teeth, your smile and your profile to help us with our assessment.

Following this appointment, we then prepare and assess all this accurate in-depth information about your bite.  Using this information and taking into account what you are hoping to achieve with orthodontic treatment, we can then discuss treatment choices with you at the Treatment Planning appointment.