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We've been creating smiles in Perth since 1999!

Are you searching for a Perth orthodontist to help you achieve your perfect smile? If so, Dr Trudy Stewart at Noranda Orthodontics is here to help you smile with confidence.

For decades, Perth patients have visited Noranda Orthodontics to get a straighter, healthier smile. Our specialist orthodontist Dr. Trudy Stewart has years of experience treating even the most complex orthodontic conditions with a range of appliances, such as Invisalign Clear Aligners, and Braces.

Dr Trudy Stewart Orthodontist In Perth Western Australia

Are you searching for a confident smile?

Start Orthodontic Treatment With Dr Stewart

You can feel confident that when you start orthodontic treatment at Noranda Orthodontics, your new smile is being taken care of by a skilled specialist orthodontist, and team. Get to know our Dr Stewart below:

Dr Stewart grew up in country Queensland, she completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery through the University of Adelaide in 2004. Dr Stewart was recognised on the Dean’s List on completion of her undergraduate studies and received the prestigious Moore Medal for overall academic excellence and outstanding contribution as an undergraduate student.

Dr Stewart returned to the University of Adelaide to undertake her Doctorate of Clinical Dentistry in Orthodontics. She graduated in 2013 with a Dean’s commendation for excellence for her research on dental ankylosis. Dr Stewart worked as an Associate Orthodontist until purchasing Dianella Noranda Orthodontics in 2020.

What Will My Orthodontic Consultation Look Like?

At Noranda Orthodontics, we aim to make your initial orthodontic consultation as stress-free, easy, and enjoyable as possible!

Our friendly, skilled team are here to support you every step of the way throughout your orthodontic journey. We have mapped an outline of what your initial orthodontic consultation at our practice may look like.


We’ll take photos and x-rays of your teeth and you can let us know what you’d like to change


Dr Trudy will check your oral health and analyse your facial profile to determine the best treatment plan


We’ll explain the results you can expect from each treatment option including braces and Invisalign® aligners


You’ll get everything you need to know about timing, costs and our flexible payment plans

The cost of the consult with our Specialist Orthodontist, including all records is $405 for adults and $345 for children.


What Orthodontic Treatment Options Are Available?

Clear Aligner Orthodontics Perthj

Clear Aligner treatment such as Invisalign® Aligners are a great, modern way of treating orthodontic issues such as an overbite, teeth crowding, or spacing between the teeth. They offer a wide range of benefits such as:

  • Greater flexibility during treatment, ideal for those who play sport.
  • Near invisible when being worn, perfect for social butterflies.
  • Increased comfort, less irritation when being worn compared to other appliances.
  • Great results, most importantly, the results of treatment are fantastic!

This is just a short list of why Invisalign® aligners may be the perfect choice for you.

Orthodontic treatment in perth


55% of Australian adults feel self-conscious about their teeth. Plus, almost two thirds would like to actually do something to fix their crooked smiles!

You’re not alone when it comes to wanting to straighten your teeth. And with so many discreet orthodontic options available from our discreet Micro Mini braces to Invisalign aligners, more and more adults are getting a new smile with Noranda Orthodontics.

*Australian Society of Orthodontists Adult Survey, 2015 **Invisalign is a registered medical device for teeth straightening.
Always read and follow your orthodontist’s instructions for use.

Braces Orthodontics Perth


When people think of straight teeth, they think of braces treatment. And for good reason, braces have been correcting smiles for decades! At Noranda Orthodontics, braces treatment is more than just straightening your teeth, it’s about giving you your most attractive overall facial appearance. Here are some of the main benefits of starting braces treatment:

  • Improved oral health, not only do braces improve your appearance, they are also great for improving oral health.
  • Improved confidence, patients often report that a straighter smile leads to a boost in confidence.
  • Correct Malocclusions, braces are the perfect appliance for correcting complex orthodontic concerns.
  • Great results, most importantly, the results of treatment are great!

And so much more! You will love your result from orthodontic braces treatment at Noranda Orthodontics.