What Are the Benefits of Invisalign Aligners?

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What Are the Benefits of Invisalign Aligners?

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Noranda Orthodontics is your local Invisalign specialist orthodontic practice, providing exceptional orthodontic results with clear aligner orthodontics to the greater Perth area. Dr Trudy Stewart is well known as one of the most experienced Invisalign providers in Perth. 

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign Clear Aligners are a type of orthodontic treatment that uses a series of custom clear plastic aligners to gradually straighten your teeth. Since the aligners are virtually unnoticeable on the teeth when worn, they are a popular alternative to traditional metal or clear braces. 

Dr Trudy will develop an individualised Invisalign prescription based on your recommended treatment plan, and you will need to follow her specialist instructions for wear.

What Are the Benefits? 

Invisalign clear aligners are virtually invisible, making them the perfect treatment option for social settings.

As the aligners are removable, they offer a more flexible treatment experience for patients who play a sport, or a musical instrument.

Invisalign aligners are often described as being a more comfortable treatment method compared to metal or clear braces.

Invisalign helps to straighten your teeth, correct misaligned bites and close gaps in between your teeth to leave you with a beautiful smile. They may also make it easier for you to maintain good oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment. You can simply remove the aligner when brushing and flossing to get a more comprehensive clean.

How Can You Start Your Treatment?

At Noranda Orthodontics, we make starting treatment easy, and accessible for all patients.

It all starts with your initial consultation. During this consultation, specialist orthodontist Dr Trudy Stewart will assess your teeth and jaw to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for clear aligner treatment with Invisalign. In some rare cases, the orthodontic treatment required may be too complex for Invisalign, and metal braces or other devices may be required.

If Dr Trudy recommends Invisalign, and you are happy to start treatment, a digital impression of your bite and smile will be taken. This step is super easy (and really cool to see!) From these scans, the length of your treatment will be determined, as well as the amount of clear aligner trays you will require.

After your consultation, Dr Trudy will send your digital scans to Invisalign to begin custom manufacturing and once your aligners are made, you will return to Noranda Orthodontics to commence your Invisalign clear aligner treatment. Ready to make an appointment? Book now and find out how Dr Trudy and her wonderful team at Noranda Orthodontics can help you achieve an amazing smile!